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Paulownia wood timber


Paulownia is a true hardwood, and it is light in color and weight. It’s appearance is similar to American Ash, and it’s density is between poplar and balsa. Paulownia is easy for machine working, and it’s not easy to crack or warp.


Paulownia is a fast-growing hardwood tree., and it could be used during 7~10 years’ time.


Many customers choose paulownia wood for furniture, musical instruments, arts and crafts, coffin,snowboard, surfboard, door core, surfboard ect.


As for a supplier for paulownia, our main products as follows:

1-. Paulownia/Poplar Jointed board
Paulownia / poplar jointed boards are mostly used for furniture, coffin, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard ect.

2-. Paulownia /poplar / pine Finger joint board (FJ BOARD)
These finger joint board are mostly used for furniture, wood core for snowboard/skateboard/surfboard ect.

3-. Paulownia S4S primed board
We have one coating , two coating primed boards for your reference, and paulownia wood trim board is very popular in USA market for decoration.

3-. Paulownia wood breaking board
Paulownia wood breaking board is used by taekwondo /karate , and many taekwondo school buy wood breakable board for training or demonstration. These wood breaking boards are very popular during martial art retailers.

4-. Paulownia /poplar wood drawer sides and backs
Paulownia /poplar wood drawer sides and backs are very hot sale at Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries. These wood drawers could be grooved or holes as customers required.

5-. Paulownia chamfer wood strips
These solid wood strips could be produced as customer’s required.

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