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About taekwondo wood breaking boards, there are two kinds, one is for performance another is for power skill.

Taekwondo training or performance boards are most choose paulownia wood, because paulownia wood is crisp and loud breaking voice, which is suitable for leg rotation vacated breaking.

Taekwondo wood skill boards are most choose pinewood, and the popular thickness is 1/2”, 1” or even thicker. Which is suitable for testing skills or competition.


The popular size for paulownia wood taekwondo breaking boards are as follows:

225x300x8mm/12mm/18mm, other dimension is OK for us too.


The popular size for pinewood breaking boards are 1/2”, 1” or other dimension as your required.


Different dimension with different price, and we welcome your inquiry to us at any time.


Our email sales@fareastwoods.com is valid everytime, and we will reply you within 24 hours during our working time.