Paulownia EG Primed boards/Paulownia FJ primed boards

Paulownia EG Primed boards/Paulownia FJ primed boards

Description: S3S OR S4S FJ Primed Board, Edge Glued and Laminated allowed, Exterior Type One


Rustic, Rustic Vee, Board and Batten, Rectangular Plank, Shakes, Shingles, Wood Plank Siding


-Dimension: Thickness: 17.5mm(11/16’’), 19mm(3/4’’), 25.4mm(1’’), 32mm(1-1/4’’),38mm(1-1/2’’)

 Width: 89mm(3-1/2’’), 101mm(4’’), 114.3mm(4.5’’), 127mm(5’’), 

133.5mm(5-1/4’’), 140mm(5-1/2’’), 153mm(6’’), 165mm(6-1/2’’), 178mm(7’’), 190mm(7-1/2’’), 203mm(8’’), 216mm(8-1/2’’), 229mm(9’’), 241mm(9-1/2’’), 254mm(10’’),267mm(10-1/2’’), 279.4mm(11’’), 286mm(11-1/2’’)

Length: 2440mm(8’), 3050mm(10’),3660mm(12’), 4270mm(14’), 4880mm(16’), 5490mm(18’), 6100mm(20’)


Packing: Pallets. according to customers opinion


Shipment: within 30 days since you confirm the order